Pampers Cruisers Review

I got to review Pampers Cruiser as part of Influenster, and this was my first ever VoxBox!
When my first son was born, we did the same thing most first time parents do, and just HAD to buy the top brand name everything for him. You know, just because. This included Pampers (swaddlers at the time). He had lots of blow-outs, so we ended up switching to something less expensive that seemed to perform just as well. By the time baby number two came along, we were perfectly fine using generics and saving money… But I noticed we were going through a lot more diapers than it seemed we should. I thought the quality of our diapers had something to do with it, but didn’t want to switch, since we didn’t really have a great experience with Pampers before.
Luckily, I got the Pampers Cruisers VoxBox! I’m a sucker for free samples, so of course I was jazzed to get free diapers. First off, they’re super-cute! My little guy loves Sesame Street, and these had Elmo, Cookie Monster, and Big Bird on the front, and Rosita (I think) on the back. They’re also waaay softer than our other diapers. And best of all, he could wear one of these for hours and stay comfy and dry without getting that saggy butt. Usually I have to change him every 2-3 hours- at least!
I’m not sure if Pampers has revamped their Cruisers, or if I didn’t give them enough of a chance the first time around. Either way, I’m sold! Little man and I are both really glad he went from #SagtoSwag with Pampers Cruisers and Influenster!IMG_20150910_103756

They move with him...
They move with him…
Even through dance breaks!
Even through dance breaks!

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