#DogDreamGlucosamine Supplement Review with Athos

Our dog Athos is nearly eight years old now, and has had some health issues for a while. He’s blind in one eye, has hearing loss, and most recently had a stroke which resulted in rapid muscle deterioration in his back legs. For a while, he couldn’t use them at all; once he could, his hips dislocated frequently since there was no muscle left to hold the joints in place. We put him on a high protein diet, and worked his little legs every chance we got- my husband even built him a wheelchair so Athos could still get around a bit on his own. We just wanted him to get better. He’s been our baby since, well, since before we had babies.

I had been looking into supplements that could help Athos move around easier once we got him back on his feet, but I wanted to know exactly what I was giving him. If I wouldn’t take it, he wasn’t taking it. Around this time, I happened to get a message from a lovely lady named Emily, from Pure Paw Nutrition. The company had a liquid glucosamine supplement that helps support and rejuvenate your dog’s joints, and I was offered the opportunity to try it out at a discounted price. This supplement is even safe for people to take.

Athos has been taking his glucosamine every day since it arrived, and we have definitely seen an improvement. He went from limping around the yard and needing to be carried up the stairs to actually jumping on the couch and running up the stairs on his own. The very same dog who couldn’t even walk a couple of months ago! We’re definitely going to keep this glucosamine supplement as a part of Athos’ daily routine, and we’re so happy that Pure Paw Nutrition introduced us to it!

He's even perky enough to eat the kids' homework now!
He’s even perky enough to eat the kids’ homework now!


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