Vita Sciences #JointRight Natural Muscle and Joint Pain Relief Cream

I absolutely love this lotion! I suffer from chronic back and knee pain, and am pretty much always in pain. Nothing ever eliminates the constant ache that I have even on the best of days. I’ve tried braces and supports, OTC muscle and joint rubs and NSAIDS, and been on several prescriptions that were supposed to help. Nothing ever did the trick, until I tried this Vita Sciences Joint Right cream.

It’s basically scent-free, which is unusual and amazing for a pain relief cream. There’s no intense burning or tingling sensation either- after a bit, I felt a VERY slight warming, soothing sensation comparable to covering yourself with a blanket. And, it actually worked! I was able to bend and move normally, and chase my kids around without being in agony.

I was a bit skeptical about this because of my past experiences with pain relief products, but I’m very pleasantly surprised with the results! I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased feedback.

If you’d like to get a bottle for yourself, Vita Sciences gave me a promotional code for my readers! Just go to and use promo code save15. You can use the code on any of their wonderful products!



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