Majestic Bombay #3 Precision Eyelash #curler Review

Two things about me: I have really short, straight eyelashes, and I’m what you might call extremely frugal. This combination has led me to try a few inexpensive eyelash curlers before… and left me with poor results. I’ve had curlers break off chunks of eyelashes, pinch my eyelids, or just not work at all.

This Precision Eyelash Curler from Majestic Bombay is not one of those curlers. It’s pretty amazing! It comes with two extra pads, which is really cool. I also love the grips- so much nicer than the little metal loop ones that my fingers sometimes slip in. I get much better control with this. And I haven’t pinched my eyelid once. The curler fits perfectly around my lashes, even though my eyes are fairly small and almond shaped.

Best of all, it actually curls my stubby lashes so that they look long and full, even without warming the curler first. And my lashes stay curled- all day! I usually go over the lashes right at the base first, then move up slightly and curl again for more lift and more dramatic results.

IMG_20151018_220930This eyelash curler replaced all my old, cheapo curlers. They’re in the garbage now. 🙂 I received this product at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.

If you want, you can grab one on amazon, they’re only $9.99!


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