#FancyMobility Backseat Organizer/ Visor Organizer Review

Any time we go somewhere, my boys just HAVE to bring toys with them. These toys inevitably end up on the floor of the car, or under the seats, maybe between them… who knows?

With this backseat organizer, I don’t have to worry about lost toys or a cluttered car now. When we arrive, I tuck their toys safely into one of the many pockets, so they know exactly where it is when we’re back in the car. This is great for their cups, crayons, and other odds and ends too.

It was really easy to install- just clip the top around the headrest and tighten, then fasten the bottom around the seat, tighten, and tuck into place.

I also love that this helps keep the back of my seat clean, since my little guy is known to kick his muddy feet all over the place. Then there’s the bonus of having a visor organizer for me! How great is that?

It has a place for pens, pockets for appointment cards or coupons, and slots for bigger papers. All the things I look for on a regular basis are right there at my fingertips.

This set is perfect for anyone with children, or someone who just wants to keep their car more organized and functional. I’d highly recommend it. You can find this product here if you’re interested.

I received this product at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest review. The opinions expressed are 100% my own.


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