Santamedical Mini Penguin #massager Review

This little wand massager is a huge upgrade from the clunky personal massager I remember my mother using on her neck when I was younger. It’s got quite a bit of power to be so small, and has two speeds which can be switched by simply pressing the power button.

The Santamedical mini massager fits in my hand very comfortably, and allows me to press down into my muscles when I’m using it so I can focus on problem areas. I like the hourglass (or penguin?) shape, which keeps the massager from slipping out of my hand when in use.

This unit takes two AA batteries, which are not included- but I always have some in the junk drawer. It weighs approximately four ounces, and is about six inches long.

There is also a red light which illuminates when you turn the unit on, but I’m honestly not sure why it’s there. I don’t think it adds to the relaxing effect and it doesn’t provide warmth, so I guess it’s just there to remind you that the massager is on…  if you could somehow not tell.

I really am impressed with this massager, and I’d definitely recommend it if you experience frequent muscle pain. You can buy it here if you’re interested. I received this product at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest review. The opinions expressed are 100% my own.


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