#SlimminSuzie Volcanic Clay Body Wraps Review

Before I even get into the actual review: if you plan on using this you might want to have your spouse or a good friend close by to help you out with the whole wrapping process. This kit comes with eight packets of clay, and two ace bandages.

There were no instructions in the box as several other reviews stated, but I did receive instructions via email from the seller when my kit arrived. Apparently the manufacturer just neglected to put the printed instructions in the boxes, so I won’t fault the seller for that. However, the instructions did not specify how much water to add to the clay. I ended up adding a second packet of clay to my mixture, and still wasn’t really happy with the consistency… but I didn’t want to use all eight packets on one wrap so I went ahead with what I had.

Applying the clay is messy, but otherwise fine. It doesn’t smell terrible, and I didn’t experience any burning or tingling sensation like I’ve had with some other products in the past. The wraps, on the other hand, are a totally different story. I had to have my husband help me wrap them, and even though I left them in the VERY hot water until I was ready to put them on my skin they were cool before we were finished.

We got the wraps pinned in place, and placed a layer of plastic wrap over them to try to keep in what little heat there was. At this point, the bathroom was a disaster, and clay was dripping down my legs onto the floor so I figured I should probably lie down and wait out the hour. I put a towel on the floor, with a heating pad under it, and wrapped the towel around myself. (It seemed really important to keep the heat in for the clay to work, so I tried really hard!)

When the hour was done, I was anxious to see if all the effort would amount to some magical result. I peeled off the wraps, hopped in the shower for a quick rinse, and got out to survey my tummy. My skin was incredibly soft, but that was it. No real change otherwise. I figured that maybe there would be some lingering effect over the next couple of days, so I waited, and drank water like crazy… Still no difference.

I finished off the box, just to make sure I was being objective- but I only got three more wraps out of it, since I ended up needing two packets each time. My skin always felt really soft and smooth, but my belly was only slightly flatter than when I started. This may work well for some, but for me it just didn’t seem to do much. For all the effort, I kind of expected something more.

If you’re interested in giving these wraps a try, you can find them here on Amazon. I received this product at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest review. The opinions expressed are 100% my own.


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