I’m trying to stop smoking- #QuitNutrition is helping me!

So I’m trying to quit smoking… trying being the key word. I’m obviously concerned about the damage that I’m doing to my body, and I’d like to be able to completely kick the habit. It would definitely be better for me (and my wallet).

These vitamins are formulated to supply the vitamins and minerals that smoking leeches from your body, and to help repair and restore your body as you quit smoking. I can vouch for the efficacy of these- I had low Vitamin D and iron levels a month ago, and started taking this the week after I went to the doctor. I went back for my follow-up labs this past week, and all of my levels were great! I didn’t change my diet, so I know that the Quit Nutrition supplement actually made a difference.

I was also provided a box of Quit Tea to aid me in my effort to stop smoking. It is meant to be consumed any time you feel the urge to smoke, so that you gradually replace the habit with a healthy one. This tea is actually really tasty! There are some licorice notes, and an herby, clove-y flavor. I can’t say that it fully takes the place of a cigarette when I’m craving one, but I do enjoy drinking it and it distracts me until the feeling passes.


While I haven’t totally stopped smoking since using these products, I have cut down from about a pack and a half to less than one pack per day. That’s definitely an improvement! I’ll definitely continue to use both of these products. You can find them both at http://quitnutrition.com

I received these products at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest review. The opinions expressed are 100% my own.

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