Who doesn’t want #pamperedskin? Homestead Soap & Spa has your back (and front!)

I’m a fanatic for beauty products that use goat’s milk and essential oils, so I was super excited to try out this set.

As soon as it arrived, I opened the lotion and just had to rub some on my hands and arms! I selected the Ocean Breeze scent, which is reminiscent of the cool, clean scent of my husband’s aftershave.

I think this particular scent would be a great gift for men who don’t like fruity or floral smells. I personally really like it because my husband is away from home for months at a time for work, so when I wear this lotion I smell like him!

The body butter is so rich and silky- I used it on my legs after shaving, and they felt really smooth.

I like that the body scrub is not overly abrasive, but exfoliates very well while also moisturizing.

The cleansing bar is lightly scented, and I use it for my face as well as my body when I’m in the shower. It lathers well, leaving my skin feeling clean but not overdry.

This whole set really is great, and I love the fact that the ingredients are natural. There are lots of scents to choose from, so head over here and check them out! I received a sample size set of this collection for my evaluation and review. The opinions expressed are 100% my own.


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