Getting Organized with Reusable Chalkboard Labels from #ChefsAddiction

I’m a fiend for organization, and labelling is a huge part of that. So obviously, I jumped on these amazing reusable chalkboard labels!

This set comes with 92 labels in three different sizes, and multiple unique shapes. It also comes with a magnetic whiteboard shopping list, black dry erase marker with eraser (also with a magnet attached), and a dual-tipped chalk marker to write on the labels. And, you get an e-book link with your purchase.

This set has everything you could need to get your kitchen or office totally organized! The labels are very durable, and the adhesive sticks really well to the glass, plastic, and metal jars I’ve used them on so far. The chalk marker writes smoothly and evenly.

Also, I peeled one of the labels off and put it on a different jar just to see how “reusable” they are- It came off without leaving a sticky residue, and applied to the new jar just as well as the first.

Chef’s Addiction stock photo

I can’t recommend this set enough! There are so many uses for these labels, so I’m glad there are so many in the package. 🙂 You can order yours here on Amazon! I received this product at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest review. The opinions expressed are 100% my own.


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