Sometimes (pet) accidents happen… #Zenwise Zesty Paws can help!

I’m so happy to have found this product! I have three dogs, all of whom have some issue that leaves a mess, stain, or gross smell in the house.

One of them is almost ten, has arthritis, and has vision loss- he has accidents. Another always seems to be chewing on things and then vomiting in the middle of the floor. The third is the most dominant, and tries to mark things… so yeah, we have issues with stains and odor.

Usually I have to scrub these stains with some harsh chemical cleanser that doesn’t really work, and follow that up with a steam cleaner to try to lift the stain and odor from the carpet. This cleaner is natural, safe for my kids and pets to be around, and actually works. It eliminates the smell, and the cleaner itself smells really nice.

This also works to effectively lift the stain. I just clean up the majority of whatever mess there was, then saturate the stain with the Zesty Paws spray. I let that sit and work for a while, and blot it up. If I need to, I repeat the process. And if the stain is really persistent, I can add this into the mix for my carpet cleaner, or the water when I mop my hardwood floors.


If you have pets, I’m sure they at least occasionally have accidents. When they do, you’ll want to have this on hand. As a side note, it seems like using this to clean the floor discourages my dogs from “going” in those areas again. Maybe because it doesn’t smell like them anymore!

I received this product at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest review. The opinions expressed are 100% my own. If you’d like to check this product out, you can find it on Amazon.


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