#fnova-Simply the Best in Reflective Vests

My husband works in construction, and it’s mandatory for all of the employees to wear a safety vest any time they’re on one of the job sites. That way, they are visible to anyone who may be operating heavy machinery or bringing in shipments of materials.

We usually have to replace his vest every few months, because the mesh rips or the velcro closures come apart. His last vest was in such poor condition that only one of the velcro pieces was still attached, so to keep it closed we had to safety-pin the velcro back onto the other side.

This vest isn’t made of the same flimsy mesh as all the other ones he’s owned. It feels strong and durable, but he says it’s still breathable and comfortable to wear all day. The reflective stripes are thick and solid, and stand out very boldly when light reflects against them.

Best of all, this vest has a zipper, which is a feature that none of his previous vests had. The zipper moves easily, doesn’t snag or get caught, and hasn’t pulled apart no matter how he moves. There is black piping over all of the edges of this vest as well, to keep the hems from snagging or unravelling.

Stock photo, Amazon

The wristbands are really just the icing on the cake, since the vest alone makes this worth purchasing. They are pretty large, so they would fit best over the upper arm or lower leg. My husband actually made one large band with his, and wrapped it around his hard hat for even more visibility.

I won’t even consider buying another sub par vest for him now that he has this one. I definitely recommend it. If you could use one of these, you can find it here, on Amazon. I received this product at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest review. The opinions expressed are 100% my own.


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