#sunsella makes packing lunches a breeze with these containers!

These are great for packing lunches. I use them for both my husband’s and my son’s, five days a week. I prefer to pack lunches instead of having them buy something overpriced and unhealthy, but I hate trying to put everything in baggies or lots of little containers, so I’m really happy to have these containers.

I like the divided compartments, so I can keep their sandwiches separate from fruit and veggies, and any dip I send for those stays in its own section. These fit just fine into my son’s lunchbox, with room for a juice pouch and ice pack- he has an average sized lunchbox, rectangular with a zipper around three sides. My husband takes a cooler to work, so he just puts his container on top of his drinks with plenty of room left.

I know the description says that these are not leakproof, but I haven’t had any leaks with what I’ve put in them. I have put dip for veggies, chicken with barbecue sauce, and spaghetti and meatballs in them with no leaks so far. My son is also able to easily open the lid at lunchtime on his own, which is a huge plus.

The only issue I have had was that upon arrival, the containers were stacked together in the packaging. They were stuck together, so I had to get my husband to pull them apart, which resulted in one of them cracking a little. When I stack them for storage, I don’t have that problem, so I guess they were packed too tightly.

If you could use these, you can purchase them at Sunsella’s website or on Amazon. I received this product at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest review. The opinions expressed are 100% my own.


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