Because your dog needs nonskid bowls! #LallyPet

One of my dogs lives inside full time, due to old age and necessity, so we always keep food and water bowls out for him. Unfortunately, if he is left alone or gets bored, he has a tendency to chew on things, like his plastic bowls. I ordered these stainless steel ones to replace the old ones since I figured he couldn’t destroy these. So far, he hasn’t even tried to- or if he has, there’s been no sign of damage. These bowls are the perfect size for my small terrier mix to easily eat and drink from, and one serving of his food fills the bowl about halfway. (He is about 20 lbs, and roughly 22 inches tall.) I love that these bowls have nonskid rings around the bottom, so he doesn’t end up chasing the bowl around the kitchen, and the rings also make it harder for the big dogs to knock these over when they’re inside. I did not received the travel bowl that is supposed to come with this set, so I am kind of disappointed about that. However, the stainless steel bowls are nice, and I’m pleased with them. I would recommend this set if you have smaller dogs, or pets that tend to chew or tip over other bowls. Check them out or buy them here on Amazon. I received this product at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest review. The opinions expressed are 100% my own.


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