Much ado about penis pumps…

So I think we all agree that no matter how great the motion of the ocean is, if the ship’s too small or can’t float, it doesn’t mean much. But is there anything you can do to upgrade that “boat”?

I’ve always been curious about whether or not penis pumps actually work, and I decided to make my husband a guinea pig- you know, for science! He’s one of those guys who’s always looking to improve things, and while he’s not lacking in length he wanted to see what this pump could do.

I really like that this pump has an LCD display, and three simple buttons that make it really easy to operate. It also has markings on the side so that you can keep an eye on your measurement to track your growth as you use it. Another big plus- it’s rechargeable via USB, so you never need batteries.

There are two different sleeves for the opening that you can change out depending on your preference- one is a standard circular opening that creates ideal suction for when you want to work on length and strength of your erection, and the other is a soft masturbation sleeve for increasing your stamina and endurance.

My husband says that this feels good when he uses it, and he can adjust the time and vacuum pressure to suit his comfort. The only problem he’s encountered is that sometimes when he’s using the pump on a continuous pressure level it tries to pull his sack into the chamber too.

As for results: the first time he tried this pump, he actually had a length increase of a little over half an inch, and there was an increase in girth as well. Obviously those results are not permanent, but the increase lasts long enough for you to enjoy it! And with consistent use of the pump, since the penis is one big muscle, the idea is that you will gradually stretch it over time to allow more blood flow, giving you a longer, harder erection.

So far, we’re both pleased with the results that he’s gotten from this pump. He recommends it, and as a woman I would definitely recommend it too!  I received this product at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest review. The opinions expressed are 100% my own.


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