The Magic Stick for all your boo-boos, bumps, and bruises- from #sourisverte!

This organic Magic Stick has arnica in it that works wonders for little boo-boos, bumps, and bruises!  My kids love anything with “magic” in the name; in fact, we used to have some lidocaine spray that I called magic spray for their cuts and scrapes. So of course they were super excited to try this out!

My oldest gets a lot of leg cramps, and I don’t like to give him pain relievers, but ice packs and heat therapy really don’t help him. My little guy is constantly getting some new bump or bruise, because he’s just as clumsy as me. They’re both big fans of this, because the application is easy and pain-free, and it actually helps soothe their skin and heal aches and bruises.

I love that the ingredients are all natural and organic, so I know exactly what I’m using on my children, and it’s great to have something that really works. We all want to make our babies feel better! I also like that this little stick is easy to pop in my bag or even my pocket, so I have it with me at all times. My kiddos love the mouse on the label too!

Get your own Magic Stick here– the little ones will love you for it! I received this product at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest review. The opinions expressed are 100% my own.


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