(Suction) Cupping updated, with #naturalbeautylabs

I’ve used cupping as an alternative to conventional pain management for a while now, but my treatments have always been with glass cups. I was really excited to give these silicone suction cups a try, since they are easier to use, flexible in the amount of suction you can apply, and potentially safer to use than glass cups because there is no heat required for suction to be achieved.

I like that the shape of these cups is natural and ergonomic, so they’re great for using in combination with massage oil to glide along the area you want to massage. They also works well for stationary cupping if you want to focus on one problem spot instead of a large area.

These are easy to clean as well, and come with a drawstring bag for storage, but I like to keep mine in a plastic bag inside the storage bag to help prevent discoloration of the silicone- which will happen eventually, but I try to take care of them. These cups do come with a brief set of instructions, but if you are not experienced with cupping this isn’t something I would recommend that you jump into at home without guidance and research.


Really, that’s my only issue with this set- I feel like it’s not something that everyone should buy or use at home, especially with fairly vague instructions. But if you’re familiar with cupping or know someone who is, then I would recommend these. I feel like they will last quite a while, and I’m pleased with my results overall. I do love being able to use these easily at home, and while they don’t provide quite as noticeable results as the glass cups, I also don’t have rows of bruises all over my body for a week when I use these.

If you’re interested in learning more about this cupping set, check it out on amazon. I received this product at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest review. The opinions expressed are 100% my own.


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