More even, brighter skin with #Swissvita dark spot corrector.

I have a ton of sunspots on my face, as well as acne scars and some dark spots due to a hormonal imbalance. I’ve tried lots of serums, lotions, and natural treatments to try to balance out my skin tone, but I’ve never been satisfied with my results. I have acne and oily skin too, so I have to be careful about what I put on my skin or I’ll end up with a mess on my hands.

This Swissvita dark spot corrector doesn’t cause my skin to break out- actually it seems to have helped calm my skin some. I didn’t see immediate results, but over the past four weeks I have seen my spots and scars fade gradually to the point that I feel confident leaving the house without first applying foundation. I haven’t done that since I was fourteen! My skin isn’t totally flawless by any means, but it is much more even and looks brighter.

And even though I’ve been applying this serum twice a day for a month, I still have plenty left in the tube for at least another month. I love that this is packaged in an airtight, metal tube to protect the active ingredients, so it will last and continue to be effective. Just be careful not to squeeze the tube, or you’ll end up squirting out a lot more serum than you need, and you can’t put it back in! The first few times I used it, all I had to do was open the cap, and the pressure from the tube pushed enough out for me to use.

I would definitely recommend this spot corrector. I received this product at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest review. The opinions expressed are 100% my own. If you could use this serum too, check it out here.

#Swissvita #antispot #AC-11® #darkspot #unevenskintone #acnespots #agespot #serum


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