Can you really add inches to your bust naturally?

So, breast enhancement… it’s a delicate subject, but it’s one I know I’ve thought about. Realistically though, it probably won’t ever happen. It’s pricey, risky, and I don’t know that I can justify having elective surgery at this point. Plus, I don’t want to have bigger boobs- I just want the firmness and fullness I had before my boys were born!

I decided I would give these #BreastMaxPlus daily supplements a try to see if I could get some results just by adding a few herbs to my diet. These pills are all natural, totally vegan, and gluten- and cruelty-free, plus they’re made in the US, so I felt safe taking them.

The dose is two pills a day, which are easy to swallow, though not the best tasting things in the world. They have a very strong fennel seed smell, but once I swallowed them I had no issues. I didn’t notice any substantial change in the size of my breasts, but after about three weeks I did have a more full D cup that felt a bit firmer as well.

The main ingredients of this supplement are Vitamin E and fenugreek, with a blend of other herbs. Fenugreek is known to increase the size and fullness of breasts, as well as stimulating milk production in lactating mothers, so I would guess that that’s where the change came from.

Honestly, you could buy this supplement, or you could just look for a fenugreek supplement that would probably give you similar results- I haven’t compared prices, so that would be my deciding factor. Either way, these daily supplements are a much safer, less expensive alternative to cosmetic surgery, and I am glad I tried them.

You can find this product here on Amazon if you’re interested. I received this product at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest review.  The opinions expressed are 100% my own.


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